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For over a decade, wabags has been distinctively different. Designed for the individual who want to make a statement, we have used different colors, finishes, vintage fabrics, embroidery, crochet and leathers with original unique shapes in order to make people notice us.

We are excited to offer our handcrafted rare vintage textiles collection which were created years ago by extremely skilled artisans.  These artisans produced beautiful and intricate needlework, patchwork and embroidery art forms which we have upcycled into our own wearable artforms.  We are proud to say that our handcrafted vintage collection is chic elite and antique.

We take pride that most all of our leather lines are handcrafted, making each product slightly unique. Most of our silk lines are functional designs covered in luxurious and beautiful fabrics.

Our vegan lines are diverse represented by the many collections from recycled neckties to handcrafted bohemian crochet looks.

Our mission is to provide you with the most unique accessories and clothing. By not following the rest of the industry, we have been able to remain distinctive and different.

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